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Car chaos to be curbed as more schools get CCTV cameras

Parking chaos outside schools could be a thing of the past as more schools in our area look set to get CCTV cameras.

The move follows the success seen at Signhills School, which has hosted CCTV cameras since September last year, with 52 Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) being issued from September to December.

Now, Old Clee Primary Academy in Grimsby has had cameras installed, with a Traffic Regulation Order in place. The cameras have already been used to issue a whopping 43 warning letters, informing drivers that cameras are in place and that they will face a PCN is they are caught breaching the order in the future.

As previously reported, parking near school gates has been a problem for a number of schools in North East Lincolnshire, so when North East Lincolnshire Council announced last year that they would be installing CCTV cameras and Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) to stop illegal parking or stopping, local residents and school staff were positive about the move.

Councillor Ron Shepherd, portfolio holder for safer and stronger communities at North East Lincolnshire Council, said that he was pleased to see the approach being rolled out more widely following initial success.

“Schools should be a place that children can go in and out of safely and with relative ease, but vehicles blocking access and traffic being backed up can cause lots of problems.

“By rolling this approach out to more schools in our area, we are making sure that the school gates are once again a safe space for children.”

In a similar approach to Signhills School, drivers caught breaking the rules at the end of the last term were issued with warning notices rather than Penalty Charge Notices.

Traffic Regulation signs are in place in the areas near the cameras where the TRO is in effect.

Following the start of the new school term, drivers caught stopping or parking illegally are being issued with Penalty Charge Notices through the post at £70, discounted to £35 if paid within 14 days.

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