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Riverhead improvement scheme to start on site in the new year

Work is due to start on site for the Riverhead improvement scheme in early January 2023.

The remodelled area is being funded as one of the projects included in the Town Deal, the money for which was secured in 2020 and is ringfenced for specific projects.

The scheme will see the existing area changed to incorporate a lot more green-space and planting, as well as providing new seating, lighting, security and a flexible event space with improved infrastructure to support future events and activities. There will also be space for outdoor café seating at the entrance to Freshney Place.

Cllr Philip Jackson, leader of the Council, said:

“This scheme will create a much nicer area for our residents and businesses and encourage more people to use the town centre. It’s part of our wider town centre ambitions that will also see, subject to planning permission, the western end of Freshney Place remodelled to introduce more leisure activities to the area.

“We have been working on many plans for the town centre, and it will be good to see the first of many starting on site. It’s vital for our borough that we look at Grimsby Town Centre with a real determination to attract families and people of all ages, so we can bring vibrancy back and make it a place where people want to visit at all times of the day.”

The new designs, approved at the Council’s Cabinet meeting in November, have been drawn up by Arup Landscape Design, and incorporate input from local people, including children and young people, from recent consultations and engagement, in terms of what they want to see in the area.

Initially, hoardings will be erected on Riverhead around the scheme area to screen off the works and contain the dust. These will go up in the first few weeks of 2023.

Pedestrians will be able to navigate around the hoardings to access from Frederick Ward Way through to Victoria Street at all times.

The footpath next to the business premises on the eastern side of the dock will not be affected.

Access to businesses adjacent the works, including the Post Office and the Barge, will be maintained at all times.

The bus stops along Victoria Street and the access to Freshney Place car park will not be affected.

The works on Riverhead are being managed by Equans on behalf of the Council and will take approximately 10 months to complete.

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