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YMCA Humber are delighted to announce they have received funding from Active Humber, through their Children In Need funded project, to extend their Youth Health and Wellbeing provision.

YMCA Humber are keen to support the revitalisation of the East Marsh, focusing on wellbeing, sports, and the community. The funding from Active Humber will allow them to work with the local community to launch their new youth work programme, including free youth clubs.

To enable YMCA Humber to kickstart their youth work programme, and to encourage the community within the East Marsh and surrounding areas to get involved, North East Lincolnshire Council have provided them with a licence to use the Kent Street Skate Park. This will allow the YMCA Youth team to run youth clubs and sports activities from Kent Street Skate Park, with the aim of providing a safe place for youths to spend their time after school, and during school holidays. 

The YMCA community youth team are keen to speak to those who currently use Kent Street Skate Park, or individuals who would attend a free youth club on this premises. The youth team will be dropping into Kent Street on the 20th, 21st and 22nd June, 3.30pm-8pm to talk to the local community about their interests, and clubs they would like to see.  

Samantha England, Deputy Chief Executive, said: “We are very excited at the prospect of providing youth activities in our local area. Our reformed community youth team – Sam, Sarita, Emily, and Anna – will be talking to young people in the area to see what they would like to do at Kent Street, and signing them up to join our free YMCA@Kent Street youth club. The team also includes a qualified counsellor who is available for any young person to talk to. We are very grateful to Active Humber, and to the Council for allowing us to use this facility, and we look forward to promoting healthy activities and building new friendships!”

YMCA Humber are keen for the local community to be part of this transformation and will be holding a community clean-up evening on Wednesday 29th June, 3pm-8pm for anyone to get involved. For more information about the community clean-up evening, please email info@ymca-humber.com.

For more information on our new youth work programme, please contact Abigail Palmer, Communications Officer: abigail.palmer@ymca-humber.com 

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